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How to create a stiff startup by building a strategy? BauBau’s case study

1. Brief:

Today we have almost in every house a dog. As a dog owner - we need training, assistance to make our dog behave better and more. If we are going on vacation, we need someone to take care of them - give the dog a warm house.
What we don't have - is a place where everything is organized, all the services in one place.
We want to launch a new app that will connect service providers with dog owners across all service shades, in this article I'm gonna show you how to create a stiff startup by building a strategy.

2. The problems we found:

  1. There is insufficient exposure to service providers according to their quality.
  2. Dog owners need to do an in-depth market survey to select a service provider, and everything works without any digital documentation.
  3. Everything is on the phone and there is no documented way in terms of vendor and customer comments, payments, receipts and so on.

3. Main objectives:

  1. To be a place where everything is organized and dog owners and suppliers know where to go to.
  2. Customers can choose their service providers by rating, distance and other parameters to choose from.
  3. Service providers can receive money and recruit clients without having an initial meeting.
  4. There is no need to worry about money - before consuming the service - the transaction is done after depositing the money from the customer to the supplier.

4. Conclusions from Audience and Competition Research:

  1. Design that touches the humans using the app, warm colors that soothe the dog owners, so the owner does not feel he is facing a regular app or service.
  2. Flow processes and categories are clear, it is very important for the user to understand what they are getting and where to navigate at any given moment.
  3. The app needs to be focused on providing quick solutions - so that every user can take their phone and answer their need/pain.
  4. Tips that come up, following the data the app collects.
  5. Receive updates on the animal if a customer chooses an animal rescue service at his home.
  6. Each service provider should have recommendations that help them with the customers

5. Designs and marketing graphics:

banner lead

6. Conclusions:

To summarize this case study, you saw that by building at the beginning of the startup a stiff strategy, then the actual result is a startup that is built well.
We didn't move on to the next step before interviewing the users and the management, graphic design was not created before we've done to have the conclusions ready.


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