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From poor to a succesful UX (Episode 1) – the relation between your product conversion to UX

In today’s market for running a successful business, you must have a strong presence on the internet. The best way to establish your name on the internet is by maintaining an updated website. There are a lot of factors which determine the quality of your website and one of them is UX design of your website.

What is UX design?

UX design, UX or user experience is a process after designing by the website team to ensure that the users have a meaningful and relevant experience on the website. UX is how an individual feels while operating a website. user experience applies on any form of a device and human interaction whether it is a website, an application or software. The process also includes interacting and integrating your products on the site and also provides functionality, usability, branding, and designing of the website.

Importance of UX

The primary purpose of creating every website is to connect with the users and to fulfill their requirements. user experience is the primary source of meeting user requirements. Your website needs to have space which allows the user to understand the content of the website correctly. It should also help the user in navigating through different pages of the site without facing any distortion or problem.
The user experience is an essential part out of many factors which helps in keeping the loyal customers on your website. It allows them to visit their favorite pages, search the products and at the end of the day, help you earn revenue. User experience on the website also helps you in setting you apart from your competitors and makes the name of your brand on the digital market. A study reflects that nearly 65% of the users prefer to spend more time on the website with better user experience design than a typical website. So, more your users spend time on your site, the chances of them purchasing any product are also higher.

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Common Mistakes of UX

  1. You must be using data and customer feedback to build UX of the website; the data should not lead the design of your website. It causes an unhealthy relationship between data result and UX leads to poor decisions regarding the design of the website.
  2. Your site must have new patterns and designs, but a common mistake that people make is creating too many new patterns on the website. This cause the users to lose focus when they revisit the website, and thus, UX design’s success decreases.
  3. The biggest mistake on a website is making the users wait for the website to load without a message. Use some catchy graphics or a message to keep the user’s focus intact while your website is loading.


Numbers and Data about Great UX: Examples

We must be doing proper research to collect numbers and data to increase the user experience on the website. However; we need to take some examples in the context of analyses that will help us understand the data required for user experience.
Statistica and metrics are essential for the collection of data for user experience. For better effectiveness, we can check the errors, problems found in tests and task success. To check the active time taken by a user to complete a task on the website, we can measure a few things like click count and page count before performing a task, time of task completion, and difference of task time for paid and trial user.
The satisfaction of the users navigating through the website is also essential. For checking the satisfaction rate, we can use Net promoter score, computer system usability questionnaire, and system usability scale.



As you see, there is a big relation between conversion rate or product conversion to user experience, the relation is by having a great user experience that comes after research, strategy, and planning, your app or website could be performed better on the production environment.



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