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The impact of Coronavirus on digital marketing


Ever since the time January has been started, the threat and danger of Coronavirus have made its way to the whole world. It seems like this disease is ruling over the whole universe.

Every single country is badly affected by this virus at a peak level.  As at one side this disease has been affecting human health, then on the same side, it has been showing an adverse effect on digital marketing as well.

The digital marketing of Asia has been greatly affected by the disease of Coronavirus. It has even started showing its impacts on the neighboring regions of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.  It has been putting its main focus on the areas in which we have the paid search for different topics such as advertising trends and search queries along with some recommended actions to take.

What is Coronavirus?

  • Coronaviruses are a family of viruses acknowledged for containing lines that cause doubtlessly lethal ailments in mammals and birds. In people, they usually unfold with the aid of airborne droplets of fluid produced utilizing contaminated individuals.
  • Some uncommon however exquisite strains, along with SARS-CoV-2 (responsible for COVID-19), and these accountable for extreme acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), can motive dying in humans.
  • Coronaviruses can provide upward thrust to a range of signs in one of the kind animals. While some lines purpose diarrhea in pigs and turkeys, most of the time infections can be in contrast to a terrible cold, inflicting slight to reasonable top respiratory issues such as a runny nostril and sore throat.
  • SARS-CoV-2 used to be first identified in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan in 2019. At the time of writing, numbers of contaminated are nonetheless on the rise, with a mortality charge of around 1 percent. With time this virus has been making its strong place in all the regions and states of the world.

Trends of the audience search query

In the middle of the four markets, there has been a visibility of strong search interest for the keyword which is "coronavirus" inside the searcher’s respective based language. Google Trends has even displayed that the searches have reached to the level of 100 across all the markets.  This increase started in the 3rd week of 2020 January. This somehow peaked in the last week of the same month.

Advertisement for trends

  • Hence the sudden increase in the interest within the keyword "coronavirus" has even created a strong opportunity for the business organizations in terms of medical vertical that is offering some related services.
  • When it comes to Japan, advertisers are part of the Google ads but you won’t be finding them on the Yahoo Japan Sponsored Search. One of its biggest reasons has been the advertising guidelines related to the search engine. Advertisers are allowed to run their ads on Yahoo Japan. But somehow you might not be finding them as you start the search. This probably can be due to budget limitations.
  • It is also vital to get an idea that the audience is also interested to understand more facts related to coronavirus disease. 
  • The digital marketing of Asia has been greatly affected by the disease of Coronavirus. Those who have been searching for this keyword, it might be possible that they are not potential customers. For that sake, you have to perform the keyword optimization match types as well as negatives to gain the highest range of the return on the spending of advertising.


Recommended actions

Any such business who has been thinking about taking the benefit of this opportunity they should be:

  • Review the search query reports regularly.  They should make a complete list of some basic search queries that are just consuming the costs and are not at all leading to the line of fulfilling the objectives.  They should make some judgment to know whether they should pause on some keywords and add negatives.
  • Optimize the bids to make sure that the performing keywords have a high sufficiency impression for solid appearance to deal with the driving results.

Any such businesses who are not thinking about taking the benefit of this opportunity they should be:

  • Review the search query reports regularly to hence ensure that no such unwanted traffic has been driven to the website.  If still, it is happening, then you should include some related keywords as the negatives.
  • Should be paying immediate attention to the campaigns to cover some basic topics. This is because the main target is resting upon inside the general mass audience.  

Medical solutions related to this virus can somehow shirt further and this can greatly impact the search demands. In this condition, the business should:

  • Monitor all the news that is related to the virus regularly so they can fully understand the basic and potential demands.


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