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Product characterization for the company's new CRM, penetration into B2B markets

We've been called to this task for helping Easy2Give to create a new CRM that should answer B2B needs (owners of banquet halls). It was a lovely trip by characterizing the new CRM.

The challenge

Easy2Give has seen its competitors produce CRM, which has B2B features. Till today, Easy2Give has been associated with B2C products. The big challenge was to change thinking and start to characterize screens, flow processes, and components that meet the B2B customers' needs.

The solution

We interviewed the management, the employees, examined other CRM systems, produced a document of recommendations that summarizes all the conclusions. Produced a very comprehensive product specification document.

Interviewing the management and Easy2Give potential customers

After the deal was locked, it was apparent to us that we have to question the people who are going to use the system. We wanted to understand what is missing in the competitors' systems, what Easy2Give's management wants to achieve in establishing the new CRM. A lot of conclusions were written, which were expressed in cooling components during the product characterization stage.

Characterizing a complex integrations CRM using high-end UX

Following the research phase, we are now smarter, we have now conclusions, and the big mission is to combine several systems without hurting the user experience so that the target audience will feel comfortable while doing several actions within the system (remember it is a non-technological audience)

Defining user flows for enabling users to succeed with our system's goals

One of the most difficult things when planning a complicated system is to define all the flow processes of customers, why? because there are so many scenarios that are supposed to answer the user goals. We interviewed users and Easy2Give's existing employees so the target won't be missed.


We're very proud with the result, this is a document that can serve Easy2Give easily while developing a new system. We would be happy to see the results of the UX/UI.

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