An organizer mobile app for the Golden Age

Geherik is an app aimed at helping senior citizens organize their day-to-day tasks. It helps them manage their daily routine, track their doctor visits, follow their medical subscriptions and order their medicine. All in a simple, no-nonsense way, with a sleek UI that is conciderate of the elderly.

the challenge

Creating a special app for the Golden Age users, that helps them organize their life by providing them with simple and intuitive UX, custom to their needs.

our solution

Conducting a deep research on how the elderly use technology. We've made a full process to create a platform that connects the users with the tool that organizes their life.


Research & Ideation
Brand Strategy
UX/UI Design


Having our research done, we started out drafting several sketches and concepts with a key motivation in mind: keeping the UI & UX simple, as less complex as possible. We aim for the elderly, some of whom are not tech-savvy, and didn’t want to overwhelm them with cognitive load. So we made sure there’s as little information in the screen as possible.

Constant improvements

While wireframing, we changed several features from the original draft. Again, we wanted to simplify the screens and that will happen many more times throughout the process - we always check ourselves after each stage to see we where we can improve the flow and the UX.

The no-brainer organizer

Simple UX flows to manage your tasks, medications and doctor appointments, with an eye candy UI that is conciderate of the third-age vision with high-contrast colors, large text and big icons. That’s a breeze!


We wanted the UI to be high contrast, so we picked a dark background with very bright color pallete. We used Zosimo Pro, an incredible screen typeface with great legibility . For the logo, we wanted big hand-made lettering for the personal touch.


We successfully created a product to help people of the third age manage their day-to-day tasks by designing for the users and their specific needs. Now that we have a prototype, we're going to research the users behaviour when using the app. Also, business consulting will be provided to the entrepreneurs in order to connect them to relevant business partners.

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February, 2018

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June, 2018