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A technological digital company that’s planned to be different than others

Init_'s vision is giving the customers the ability to get a web-solution to any problem and need they come with that fits perfectly.

The challenge

Our mission was to emphasize the company's added values since there are many sharks in this field. It’s difficult to pick a company that provides a technological solution in a world crowded with competition.

The solution

By using the proper dose of creative elements and focused content to develop the brand’s messaging structure, we were able to create harmony between the technological knowledge and unique values the company offers.


User Experience
Content & Digital Marketing
Project Management

Building a digital strategy

The first phase was to prepare a detailed research document, together with consultation. We understood the needs and the pain points. Following these steps, we have produced a strategy that will cover the structure & content website.


The main challenge was to have a unique structure, since there are a lot of technological agencies around the world, so we designed the UX with a structure and feel that provides warmth and love, professionalism and striving for success feelings. Content is presented with micro-copy, elements were planned to answer the business goals of the company.

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When having great relationship with your customer, it's only natural that future projects will be assisted by us. So, we've understood Init_’s project & account management pains and built an ordered plan to managing the company’s projects: creating checklists, moving to work with Agile method, etc...

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