High-CPR emails, from research to execution

The mission of JobsBear is simple - helping people find the job they want with ease. JobsBear makes it possible to cut through the noise, apply and get the jobs you really want. We were summoned to research and execute several types of mailers to their users.

the challenge

We have been challenged with a very interesting project: to create an email feature that sends users emails such as Welcome, Daily Jobs for You and more. The main challenge was to connect with the minds of the people looking for a job and understand their needs.

the solution

We conducted a very thorough research process, reviewed the competitors, figured out what we could do better for our client, tested which titles and content would work best for users, and more.

Knowing who your users are

To understand what users would like to receive in a daily job list email (including what content and designs will engage them) we had to do user research, competitor analysis and to draw conclusions

High CTR email interface design

The design was planned based on the research conclusions. We programmed the emails according to the design approved, and in addition to that we made a QA process that included: functional testing, browser testing, mobile compatibility testing, OS testing and more

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