An interactive app that connects teachers and students in the classroom

LanGate rose from the need to make learning in class more fun and appealing to the students, and also make it easier for the teachers to manage it. As part of the project, we performed research, implemented user experience methods, designed the website and application, and provided start-up consulting services.

The challenge

Our challenge here was quite complex. We had to create an app that on the one hand had to be very light and on the other hand very simple to use by small children, and comfortable and professional for the teachers interface.

our solution

When planning the app, we had to think of the users: school children. So, we simplified the login process; we used illustrations instead of numbers for the levels of difficulty; etc. We had so much fun during the UI design process. Take a look below!

We started out with user and product research

We researched the target audience that would use the system: the student and the teachers. We wanted to know what kind of application they needed and which functions would be the most useful for them in the interface. We produced primary wireframes based on the research document.


We've reached the most important part, wireframing each and every screen, element by element. We designed the student's app to be friendly with cheerful and colorful illustrations since we wanted it to be pleasant and appealing for children. We designed the teacher's interface to look professional while maintaining ease of use.


The most important thing is that the customer is satisfied. She sent us bouquets of flowers to our doorstep. As of these days, we are on a fundraising campaign and we're assisting the customer with our Startup Consulting services.

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June, 2019

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UX/UI Designer

  • 1 BackEnd Developer

  • 1 FrontEnd Developer

  • 1 QA Engineer


December, 2019