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The Poker Academy

A courses website that helps poker players break throuth into the poker industry

The academy was founded on the need of amateur poker players to learn to play higher level poker so they can advance from home games and join professional tournaments.

The challenge

The main challenge was to create a website that, on the one hand, users could complete course tasks in a convenient and fast way, and on the other hand, to be a very sales-oriented website so the business owners could see the potential of the site.

our solution

We did a management research and entered the head of poker players from which they would like to learn, in what amount of time, what would make them in a few seconds to put their credit card in the site so that there is a win-win situation.

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Management research at the beginning of the road

It was very important for us to understand the market needs and management goals. We conducted a very comprehensive research that helped us understand the needs of the potential clients. It helped us get the ability to convert management goals into a doable strategy and tactics.

UI Design that's tailored to business goals

Once we were done with the research, we realized exactly what pages and components we needed to meet management's business goals. It wasn't easy, and we went through a number of rounds of fixes and improvements to make each page meet its business needs.

Developing a site that meets its UX and UI requirements

Since we attributed such great importance to the design results, it was very important for us to do a pixel-perfect development to reduce the gap from the research results, from the design phase to the actual website development. We're very happy to have a website that exactly meets the management goals and the goals we set. Wishing the Academy good luck!

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