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Yehudit Ovitz

Business and Brand Strategy

Yehudit Ovitz is a language school with a unique method of learning a new language in less than 60 days. Our client wanted to expand its services, improve business performance and penetrate new markets.

The problem

A high percentage of malfunctioning digital processes;
A brand in Hebrew that can’t deliver the company messages;
Lack of uniformity regarding company values, and its marketing materials

The Solution

Recommendations document has been created for handling existing problems, together with solutions;
Cross-organizational work processes have been written and implemented;


Market Research
Competition Research
Business Strategy
Brand Strategy

getting to know the client

We started out by mapping the pain points of the business, its objectives, and goals. Understanding the current state of things in the organization, and aspirations for the future. We examined the website and online course platform to further understand the user experience and usability status.

Research, conclusions, and recommendations

We then moved to talk with students and staff. We talked to them directly in order to understand the way they engage with the system, learn their pain points are and what they would want to improve. With all the data gathered and analyzed, we set out business recommendations.

brand strategy

With the new business strategy in mind, we proceeded to brand strategy. We set out the brand’s vision, mission, target market, and business goals. We defined the brand’s values and conducted brainstorming sessions in order to get to the brand’s name and domain. Finally, we defined the new sub-brands.


Our goal here was the create branding that expresses the brand’s vision: “A world without linguistic barriers”. It should be very appealing to the target market and work well both online and on printed materials. It should be effective internationally and include the sub-brands. We think we nailed it, don’t you? :)


Working with Yehudit was a treat. She was very open to suggestions, gave us all the access we needed and was accessible whenever needed. The staff and students were also very helpful and this is sure to help our missions here! We’ve enjoyed the work very much, but it’s not over yet: this is a long-term relationship. We’re still here to consult and implement our recommendations.

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