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Product launch

We will assist you to configure the relevant content needs, we know how important the content is for the end users and that’s why we put so much effort on it. We come to work every day with a big passion to see what users really need. We will test how your target audience responds and react to the site or to the product that was developed especially for you. We get important data about why and how users do what they do.

External CMO

During the formative years of every business, it is essential to maintain nimble-ness and low operating cost, thus the need to outsource. External CMO services help firms reap the benefits of a CMO while bearing only a little portion of the cost.
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Digital marketing services

We provide premium digital marketing services to aid you to attain business goals via a carefully coordinated marketing strategy. Our Digital marketing team puts focus on increasing your business growth specifically. Every initiative delivered by Omnis is measured and monitored, so you can be guaranteed of increased and real ROI.
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User testing services

Once the digital product is launched, we test with real users the main functions to get real and updated feedback from the users. The main goal when performing those tests is about to validate the product decisions and to create solutions for problems that came up.
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Launch plan

In any digital product we produced, we take care of the launch plan. What does it mean? the following plans will be covered: plan for digital marketing, plan for product deployment, product growth plan, scalability plan.
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Usability studies

Usability studies or usability testing is an effective way to measure the use of a development project. We perform usability studies at Omnis by testing the objectives of the project with real users.
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Online Reputation Management – ORM

What is online reputation management? Let’s first talk about having an online reputation; it’s basically how a company, personality or any other entity is perceived by the public/viewers on internet.
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Writing a story is not a problem. On the other hand, writing a story that people are really eager to read and will not put it down until they are finished - is a real challenge. Omnis are proficient in telling a story to your users.
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