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A corporate site for investors & B2B companies

The main idea of Agura is to provide a turnkey solution for businesses, using Blockchain technology ecosystem which uses high level of security. See live website.

The challenge

To plan a website that on one side serves the potential customers and on other side attracts investors to review the company milestones.

The solution

Performing a comprehensive research together with a marketing plan for the website. Working closely on each UI element to make sure that content suits the company goals.


Based on the research results, we created a marketing funnel for each category to maximize the site activities. Site planning process included: placing elements per page together with a compatible content.

what now?

These days we're maintaining Agura's site, building long-term digital marketing plans. Agura's dreams and ours will come true soon, we're sure about that!


Our goal was to plan a site with marketing content, together with combining elements that can attract the target audiences. In order to build smart marketing solutions, we used the site as a base tool, so every marketing decision taken would be helpful for the client.

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