A dedicated software for construction and infrastructure companies

ProPLEXD is software that should serve the entire chain of command in the construction worlds, from the CEO of the company that sees all reports and projects to a specific project manager to the last employee in the chain who uses our interface at the construction site.

The Challenge

Plan and design an interface that is flexible for users who are not technological, do not understand interfaces, are regular to the page and paper, have no background and knowledge with web and mobile interfaces.

Our Solution

Creating a responsive interface that provides the user with a pleasant experience from the moment they land on the main page to create any action they need to take in real-time on the construction site or to produce a report in their office.


We conducted a study that included countries that could be penetrated, markets that have business and marketing potential. Conclusions were presented to the customer, and soon the system would be marketed according to the recommendations made.


Once we understood the needs, the business goals, the target audience, we actually approached and began to digitally sketch the pages and elements that should initiate the system and the app.

UI design

The characterization was approved with simple user experience, we got to the point where we simplified the processes, introduced the management and the potential users the result, and the responses were wonderful, so all we had to do was to UI the system. Don't forget that also the branding process was done by our Art Director.


Genuinely, it was a fascinating project, dozens of screens that needed to be characterized and designed. A full branding process, countless meetings that included dozens of hours of work around the table and at the end of the day, the customer and we are very proud of the product.

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June, 2018

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UX/UI Designer

  • 1 BackEnd Developer

  • 1 FrontEnd Developer

  • 1 QA Engineer


December, 2018