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Hybrid identity environment protection from cyber-attacks and catastrophes

Semperis is a company that detects identity breaches and recover from any Active Directory disaster. We've been called to rebuild their website due to technical and performance issues they suffered from.

The challenge

A complex website with a lot of design templates, in addition to a complicated integration with their forms systems. The main goal was to improve site speed, performance, usability, and more.

The solution

Preparing a technological characterization that mapping the main components and create a new website structure, in addition to that we've removed DB saved elements to the code and rewrite the CSS, turn-off all the plugins which can be written with clean code.


Technological characterization
Product & Project management
Web development


Semperis website was custom designed, and built on a boilerplate template while development environments are not synced. The site has had 20 (!) active plugins that affect the site’s performance & DB. A lot of the CSS code was irrelevant or duplicate lines. It was difficult to fix bugs or create new features.

Back to the operating table and create a new technological characterization

Our recommendation for rebuilding the site from scratch has been accepted by Semperis's management and we started to plan the new website from the technical aspect. DB and code structure was designed to support and answer their pain points.

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By having an excellent technological planning, understanding the pains of our customer, reflect transparency for the solution, moved to an agile mode which includes sprints and site-building per component, we've managed to create a new website that runs faster, works more accessible for the admin, users can access pages without having a long waiting.


If there is one thing, we can pick-up, so we choose the plan and development management that managed smoothly, by having that we've managed to transit our customer from a mode of unhappy to a style of satisfaction.

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